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Hakka Niang Tou Foo(rec n pic)

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:42 am    Post subject: Hakka Niang Tou Foo(rec n pic) Reply with quote

My dad told me that every Hakka must know this dish, how to make it and the girls in the family must learn to cook this. He says we have to pass on this dish through the generations to come. I am very thankful that my mom was able to learn from her late mom in law(my paternal granny). Its only in the recent years before she became ill, that she taught me how to do this.

She told me the full process and how these days people are more health conscious, they omitted a few ingredients here and there.

but I feel that if this ingredient is no longer in production or not sold in Singapore, then I would omit it. Otherwise, I would use everything that was stated for it.

This is a very long winded, time consuming recipe. Unfortunately with such old traditional heirloom recipes, there is NO SHORT CUT!

Serves 10 persons
1 bitter gourd(cut into 10cm rings, remove seeds)
10 pcs preserved mushrooms(soften with water, discard stems)
10 pcs dried oysters(soften with water, discard water)
2 pcs of Green chilli
2 pcs of red chilli
2 bean curd(the hard firm type)
5 pcs Tau Pok(Fried Bean Curd)
50g onion oil

300 g minced Threadfin fish
500 g Lean pork(minced)
100 g Fatty pork(minced)
60 g salted fish(chopped finely)
100 g dried shrimps(soften in water, chopped finely)
300 g Bamboo Shoots
15 pcs water chestnuts(remove skin, diced into smaller pieces)

1.5 tsp salt
3 tbsp Fish Sauce(i use Thai Fish sauce)
1 tbsp sugar
2 eggs(beaten)

For coating:
1 beaten egg

Method for Fillings:

1. Shred bamboo shoots finely. Set aside
2. In a large mixing bowl, add all the meats, bamboo shoot, water chestnuts, salted fish, dried shrimps.
3. use your hands to mix evenly.
4. Lastly add all the seasonings and use your hands again to mix them.
5. Set aside.

Method to fill up:
1. Wet your hands so its easier to work with the meat.
2. Add fillings into it. Coat it with beaten egg(on top, below..or any where the meat is exposed.
3. Repeat for all the vegetables.
4. For the bean curd, cut into half.
5. use a teaspoon and scoop out the center of the bean curd. About 2 tsp to be removed.
6. For the dried oysters, roll filling into a ball, put the oyster into it and wrap it up.

Caul Fat Wrapping
1. Make sure you soak the caul fat in water so it can open up nicely in the bowl of water.
2. Pitch any blood clots or dirt and discard it.
3. Gently drain away the water and add more water, leave it in the water until ready to use.
4. Pull out the caul fat to wrap the mushroom, cut and seal. It doesn't need an egg wash. The fat will seal nicely.
5. Do the same for the oysters.

How to cook this:
1. In a wok, add onion oil to heat.
2. add 100 ml water to it to boil. Drizzle 1 tbsp of Fish Sauce into the wok.
3. Slowly add each piece of filled vegetables on the wok.
4. Starting with chillli pieces and follow by the rest.
5. Pan fry for 2 mins, turning it. Then drop it into the soup stock.
6. Let it simmer for 2 to 3 mins
7. Pick up the vegetables and drop it back to the wok to pan fry.
8. Repeat this process of pan frying, dunk into soup, pan fry again till you finished cooking all the vegetable/meat.

9. Serve this over noodles in soup or dry with warmed rice.

How to cook the soupy version
Ingredients for the Soup :

200 g ikan bilis powder (deep fry and pounded into powder)
100g silver fish(deep fry)
100 g raw soya beans(wash, soaked for 3 hours)
2 tbsp sugar
2 litres water

1. Add water to a large pot to boil.
2. Add soya beans and simmer and cook for 1 hour.
3. Finally add ikan billis powder. Stir to mix and cook for another 10 mins.

The Lord is my Shepherd. I have EVERYTHING I need. Psalms 23:1
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